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Need to grow your existing Tweed Heads business or get a new idea off the ground? Let us help you reach your goals.

Digital Marketing & SEO Services For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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Expanding business leads

SEO, Online Marketing, and Website Design in Tweed Heads

We build websites that work! You know how most websites can look fantastic but then nobody ever sees them unless they are a direct lead or paid advertising? Well, we make it easy for small businesses and tradies in Tweed Heads to have a great looking website that naturally ranks. We structure your website to get the best possible ranking on Google. You could potentially save thousands on paid advertising with Be Found Web Design – Tweed Heads websites! Let us do all the web stuff for you and help you get the phone ringing with more of your dream customers.

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We ask questions & listen

Visioning, Strategic Planning, and Local SEO

Here at Be Found Web Design – Tweed Heads we specialise in building brand new websites, updating and renovating existing websites. Our websites drive leads to your business. We do not drive just any old leads to your business though, we have specialist knowledge to drive leads that you want! Leads that can improve your profits and free up your time so you can spend more time doing what you love. 

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Digital Marketing, Website Design, Brand Recognition, and Scaling Up

Every business needs an online presence through a website. Why? Because competition is high! Australia has more than 2.1 million businesses actively trading in 2019 with each year around 21,000 new businesses opening. Most of this growth is from small businesses (businesses with fewer than 20 employees). Every business has a point of difference, a reason why customers want to do business with you and not your competition. Having a website that works will advertise what your point of difference is and let people know you exist. 98% of people search Google to gain information about a product or service they require. 78% of those people who search for an item or service nearby will visit a related business within 24 hours, 30% of those searches result in a customer purchase. Without a website you are missing out on all this potential business. Improve your bottom line and get your Tweed Heads business found online with Be Found Web Design – Tweed Heads!

Qualified Approach To Growing Your Business

Our website is now on the first page of google, we have found this to be a great quality and value service and we are pleased we don’t have to pay for Adwords as our site ranks naturally.


Right As Rain Services Business Owner, Pottsville NSW

I had tried 2 companies for advertising prior, they promised but didn’t deliver. Be Found Web Design made changes to my website so I could use it as my main marketing tool, they also run monthly SEO & articles. I now have new clients booking online without the time spent on phone calls. I have found them to have great understanding and do very good market research.


Amena Wellness Business Owner, Tweed Heads NSW

Online Growth Techniques by Building Strategic Websites & Researching Your Competition

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SEO for Small Business

SEO for small business enables small businesses in Tweed Heads to be competitive. The position at which your small business is ranked will have a significant effect on your visibility and consequently on your sales. Small business owners usually hold on to thoughts that SEO works for big companies. However, no matter how small your business is, you cannot underestimate the impact SEO can have on your business. A large number of potential customers search for products near them, and this number is not bound to decrease. If you incorporate the best SEO in your web design, these customers are likely to find your business. Additionally, if your website doesn’t incorporate good SEO practices, it’s likely that the customers will not find relevant information fast which will, in turn, drive them away.

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Where to Find the Best SEO Company

Are you in search of the best SEO? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Most internet users usually check the first pages after searching, and that’s why finding the best SEO is important. This shows the immense potential to have a lot of traffic for businesses that rank high. Therefore, it’s very important for your business page to rank high in search engine rankings. If you have a great web design and amazing content and still not performing as desired, you need to optimise your website. When it comes to getting the best SEO in Tweed Heads, Be Found Web Design is the number one company. We are a one-stop solution for SEO, web design, content creation, and online marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promoting and advertising of products or services via digital technologies, such as the internet or any other digital medium. A successful digital marketing agency takes the time to listen to their client’s business desires then make suggestions based on experience of what works. It is important that they research the products and services and present them in a way that the online purchasing customer connects with. Your digital marketing company should know how to do an analysis on leads and measure results, they must understand how best to help your business succeed in the online world.

How Much Does A Website Cost?

For a brand new well-designed website, you can expect to pay on average anywhere from $2500 to $5000 and upwards depending on functionality. You will also need to consider continuing monthly fees which can vary greatly depending what is included. Basic things to consider in monthly packages would be: hosting, weekly maintenance, security and online marketing campaigns.

What kind of websites do you build?

We have a large selection of designer websites to choose from. We create clean, professional and easy to use websites that give your customer the information they need quickly. With more than 50 percent of search queries now coming from mobile devices we understand the importance of your website being mobile responsive, therefore every Be Found Web Design website comes optimised for mobile devices. We also specialise in keeping your website safe online, you can be rest assured that your website will be up to date with the latest security to protect your business against hackers and malware.

Why Update my Existing Website?

Because unfortunately not every lead is qualified. Are you sick of wasting time on the phone with people who aren’t serious about buying? Are you sick of facing the disappointment of checking your email full of leads and only after sifting through them finding there are 1 or 2 that qualify? Are you a tradie sick of wasting time getting stuck in traffic between jobs? Would you like to work closer to home and make your day more financially profitable? We can help! Let us get you an online presence that brings organic, qualified traffic to your small business. Let us help you find the customer who is in purchase mode. Let us help you Be Found online where you want to be seen!

What if my business is not based in Tweed Heads?

We not only service Tweed Heads but also the whole of Australia. That’s the great thing about the online world, we can operate from anywhere and deliver the same top results while you go about your usual business.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is all about refining the appropriate strategies to increase the visibility of your website. To understand how SEO works, we will first look at how one of the biggest search engines, Google, ranks your webpage. Google has a program that navigates web pages through links. It indexes the information according to authority, quality, content value, user-friendliness and technically proficient web content. With its own set of metrics, Google evaluates the pages and ranks them. The page that performs the best according to Google ranking factors gets placed higher in search results leading to more visibility. SEO thus includes aligning your website according to Google ranking factors in order to index favourably.

Is SEO crucial for all types of business?

Some business owners may wonder if SEO is important to a business. For instance, if a business has little or no competition, you may wonder why you need to incorporate these strategies after all. However, no matter what type or size of a business it is, SEO is still important. Investing in SEO can help you control your ranking. So whether your business is small or large, new or existing, you need to take advantage of the benefits that SEO offers. Even if your company has been incorporating SEO, is successful and ranks high, you still need to continue optimising your website. This is because SEO is always changing and new competitors keep emerging.



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Let the Best SEO grow your Tweed Heads Business

Google continually updates their search algorithms, and it is important for any business to adapt to these changes. This can be difficult, and that’s why you need SEO experts to help you establish the best strategy. By using our service, you will get the results that come with high placement on search engines. We provide our clients with strong search engine optimisation strategies without draining their pockets. We use white hat ethical techniques when incorporating SEO strategies. This means that your website is compliant with Google guidelines and will generate results both in the short term and long term. For the best SEO in Tweed Heads and across Australia to help get your business to the top of search engines, feel free to contact us today.

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We are a local, family owned and operated website design company specialising in seo services. We deliver the best digital marketing to Tweed Heads business owners with great results at a fraction of the price of any advertising agency.