Hiring an advertising agency in Tweed Heads to help you in marketing your business is usually a great decision. Whether you want to boost brand awareness, need good SEO, or want to have a more robust web presence, an expert digital marketing agency is your best option.

Unfortunately, most businesses often hire the wrong agency that ends up ruining their
business and costing them money. Based on conversations we have had with various companies that faced challenges working with marketing agencies, here are the mistakes you must avoid when hiring an advertising agency.

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Not Doing Enough Research

When hiring an advertising agency in Tweed Heads, it’s important to take your time to research about the different agencies. Choosing the top company that appears on Google when you search “best advertising agency” isn’t an effective way to choose. Unfortunately, this is what most business owners do, and they end up regretting their decision. So, before you hire an agency, do some research – look at their case studies, read their reviews, talk to current clients, and do background checks to determine if they suit your Tweed Heads business.

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Picking the Cheap Option

Creating strong-performing ad campaigns takes time and resources. From the creative development to audience research to launching the ads and monitoring performance, the process can be expensive. However, you’ll always find agencies claiming to do the work in little time and at low rates. Unfortunately, picking them always result in low performance. 
In addition, cheap marketing agencies cut costs by engaging in unethical practices and using black-hat methods such as paid links and bloated keywords. This is quite risky as it can get you penalised by Google.

Buying into a Guarantee

A lot of companies fall for the “money-back guarantee” gimmick. While such a guarantee makes the partnership sound safe, reputable advertising agencies do not brand themselves with any form of one. Reputable agencies know that several variables affect the performance of marketing campaigns, and hence, it’s impossible and unethical to guarantee results.

Hiring an Agency that Doesn’t Focus on your Objectives!

A credible marketing agency should focus on understanding your business and meeting your business goals. They should start by asking about your business and what you intend to accomplish; then clearly outline the steps they will take to achieve your goals. Unfortunately, many companies hire agencies that focus on “soft metrics,” such as the number of likes or clicks. The right agency should be a true partner and hence should focus on the bottom-line.

Picking an Agency that Uses One-sided Marketing Strategy

The best advertising companies use a variety of marketing strategies to help your business accomplish its goals. Combining a number of tactics creates synergy, thereby boosting the performance of the campaigns. Moreover, a marketing expert should always have backup plans in case one strategy fails.

Falling for Presentations

This is a very common mistake that you must avoid. A lot of companies choose one web development company over another based on their presentations. They assume that an agency that creates beautiful marketing pitches for them are going to create the same for their
customers, but that’s rarely the case. 
Marketing agencies that dedicate a lot of resources into their own sales presentations often commit fewer resources and less effort into their clients. Therefore, always go through the presentations slowly and carefully, checking what the content is saying to avoid being lured
into hiring the wrong agency.

Dismissing Ambiguity

It’s common to hear some agencies say, “we can’t disclose our secrets.” Well, that’s a blatant display of dishonesty. When entering any partnership, whether with a web development company or an SEO agency, transparency is usually key to the success of the partnership. Don’t hire a company that is unable or unwilling to answer your questions. Choose to work
with a team that’s eager to share their expertise and provides all the information you need.



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