There are so many do-it-yourself website builder tools on the web it may seem like you should build your businesses website yourself. Just because something is possible to do doesn’t mean that you should do it. There are many nuances to creating a website that only the professionals know how to do and do them well.

You may end up hindering your objectives of being seen on the web when your free software doesn’t help you rank or has glitches and doesn’t have the functionality that you need. Those are just scratching the surface of some of the reasons why not to build your own website.

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Reasons to Let a Website Builder Do the Work

  1. Your Job is Important. Your business hired you to do a job, or you are running a small business. You are needed to function in a capacity already and most likely do not have time to learn how to use these tools and then take the time to adjust and re-adjust them to your liking. Most people who do this ultimately end up hiring a website builder to do the work after they end up unhappy with their site.
  2. The Cost. Even though they advertise free or low-cost service, most of the time it is a trial offer and the price steps up, or your professional site will be plastered with advertisements and banners until you upgrade to premium service. Then there is the cost of the time you have spent figuring out how to configure the pages and upload and optimize the photos and content, something that developers already know how to do when creating a website.
  3. The appearance and is key to getting customers to engage with your page and ultimately convert them to sales. Designers know how to design, and you aren’t forced into a template that looks like everyone else’s and may not fit your business or aesthetics.
  4. User Experience. The factors that make people close the page like slow loading speed and performance issues like broken links and design flaws can be fixed with a website builder. With a pre-built DIY system you are usually stuck with what they have preselected. You can also ensure mobile-friendliness when you are not using a DIY package.
  5. Search Engine Optimization. You can customize your SEO with your website builder. When you are DIY, they build in an SEO and analytics that are subpar and not customizable. Its crucial for your business that Google crawls your page and rank it, being in control of your SEO and keywords is key.
  6. If you’re doing things yourself and your site isn’t performing, or links are dead, and you don’t know what to do. Who do you call? Probably an 800 number far away and hope they can help you. Don’t you have better things to do? Your website developer can help you with his expertise and get the site back in shape.
  7. Anyone could be the next company to be the victim of a hacker. Do you have the best security to thwart this attack? Do you have a back up of your site? Do you know how to fix your site if a hacker puts a virus on it? Again, you probably have other things to do than to learn how to deal with these website headaches.
  8. Potential customers, vendors, rivals, and anyone in the business world will expect you to have a professional website if you are a real business. Having a substandard, free, problematic, glitchy public face webpage will have you losing business credibility.

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While it may have seemed like a great idea to build your own business website, after all, you built the business, and there are loads of free do-it-yourself tools out there, it just doesn’t pay off in the end. The bells and whistles that you want aren’t going to be possible when you are locked into a template. The all-important SEO factor that helps you rank in the search engine contest is not the same as if you could get into the nitty-gritty of the pages. Plus, you could end up losing valuable business credibility in the end if you have a truly terrible webpage experience.


You wouldn’t dream of letting a website builder do your job, consider that next time you’re toying with the notion of creating a website for your professional business.