Web Design
Unmatched research and content, high level detailed design, targeting niche markets allowing high conversion and business growth.
Search Engine Optimization
On page and off page SEO, sustainable long-term strategies.
Content Creation
Content specialists, Comprehensive consultation process. Foundation for your required content
Online Marketing
Branding and identifying key market strategies, customer and competitor research.

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Be Found Web Design are masters of, and only believe in what is called “holistic SEO”. When it comes to on page or off page SEO, it should never use search engine trickery or be an approached using short cuts to rank your business website. It should be a sustainable long-term strategy. Using tricks to answer Google’s algorithm only works in the short term. Google’s objective is to serve up the most relevant information and make it accessible and useful to all its uses.

Be Found Web Design will action great holistic SEO to make your business website the best result!

This includes technical know-how, creating great User Experience, faultless website security, and truly breathtaking content. We will channel all focus on all the features of your business website optimisation to be googles best result.

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

We are a husband and wife team that work side by side, we aspire to provide professional results second to none and understand to achieve this it is imperative to really listen to you! Family owned web design company with over 16 years of reputable and trusted business experience. We have extensive ongoing training in web design specializing in SEO and market research.

 These unique, up to date skills help us to build a tailored business website to your specific small business that drives your target market to your business and gets the phone ringing with the customers you want.
Project Research
Specializing in SEO and market research.
Build tailored business website to your specific small business needs.
We are perfectionist’s that create honest, quality work with reliable service.