As a business owner or someone working in the marketing department, you’ve probably heard of the term “local SEO.” Today, most businesses are going online and are using search engine optimisation to increase traffic to their sites. Small businesses too have not been left behind and are using SEO for local businesses to reach more customers.


business advertising online tweed headsLocal SEO involves optimising your local business’ online presence for a specific geographic location such that it ranks high in local search inquiries. It is a very effective way to market your local business online as it enables small businesses to promote their merchandise to local customers when they’re looking for them online.

When running a local business, you depend mostly on foot traffic to generate sales. Initially, it may not seem important to think about local SEO. Most small business owners are overwhelmed with other business-related issues, and SEO for local business is not usually a priority for them. However, local SEO is a critical marketing strategy for getting and converting leads into sales. And with local businesses getting more and more competitive, you need every tool you can get to have the edge over your competitors.


Top Tip 1: Increased Visibility

Even though small businesses rely on local customers and foot traffic, every business – small, medium and large – will benefit from increased visibility. By using SEO for local business, your small business will be visible to more people hence will gain new customers. To give your business maximum visibility in the search results, it would be wise to use an expert like Be Found Web Design.

SEO Tweed headsTop Tip 2: Low-Cost SEO

With SEO for local businesses, you can optimise your website for local search without breaking your marketing budget. In fact, there are plenty of local SEO tools you can find online that don’t cost you anything or offer low-cost SEO.

Top Tip 3: Local Reputation

When your business is ranked among the top search results, your reputation becomes renowned. This can be quite beneficial especially for small businesses. As a small business in the local community, a strong online presence in the local search results will contribute significantly to shaping your local reputation.

Top Tip 4: Spend Less on Advertising

With local SEO, you don’t need to spend money on Google AdWords to reach new customers – you get your local customers naturally in the search. This means that your website will rank among the first when someone searches in your locality.

Top Tip 5: Your Website Gets Organic Traffic

Another great benefit of local SEO is that people will find your business in organic search results. This is the first place that Google ranks local SEO.

Top Tip 6: People will Find Your Business on Google Maps

The other place people will find your business if you use SEO for local business is in Google Maps. This will enable customers to find your business easily, especially on their mobile devices. Customers have an option to click on the business’ website, read reviews, get direction to the business’ location, and even call the business.

Top Tip 7: Converts Searches to Sales

According to Go-Globe, 78% of local searches lead to offline purchases. If you’re available when customers are actively searching for your product or service, you have a much higher chance of converting these leads to sales.


To properly gain a competitive edge in your local market, it’s important to get professional SEO services. Unless you’re savvy with the latest SEO techniques and search engines’ ever-changing ranking algorithms, it’s best to leave the process of local SEO to the professionals.  At Be Found Web Design, we have the expertise and experience to help you optimise your website for local search and increase traffic to your business. We know the best SEO strategies for local businesses, and we assure you of great results. Contact us today to get an SEO cost quote for your local business.