You want a business website, and you are wondering if you should hire the best website builder or build it yourself. The truth is that building one is not rocket science. And with the many templates available online, you can easily build your own. But will it be good enough?

As a business, an online presence is really crucial for growth. The image you portray must be professional as it represents your brand. So, can you build a professional website that will help drive sales?

Below, we look at some factors to help you make an informed choice.

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Custom Website Design

When it comes to a DIY website, the template comes predesigned. Although you have the options to choose different themes and layouts, you may not be able to incorporate unique details about your business. Also, your website will only differ slightly to other businesses that have used a similar template.
A professional website builder will take time to know your business and build a website that is tailored to your business. A website designer will use unique designs, making your business look professional and outstanding.

Websites drive 10x more traffic than social media

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Promote growth, outsource!

In order to build a website, you need to have some technical abilities. If this is not your area of expertise, you will need a great deal of time to study and gain web design skills. And to design a professional website, you will need to learn more, not just the basics. Users can easily tell a website that has been designed by an amateur, and it will not leave a good impression. You may risk hurting your brand if your website is poorly designed and hard to navigate.

If you have all the time in the world, you may be able to learn and build a good website. But realistically, you need time to work on other business aspects. A professional website builder has the right skills and experience, and hence, will build you a beautiful website that will attract and retain customers.

Get your business on the first Page

It’s crucial to consider the features that you need your website to have. For simple features, you may consider a DIY service. However, if your site requires complicated integrations, you should hire a professional website builder.
A professional web builder also understands SEO and can optimise your site to rank high in search engines. SEO is very crucial since without it your site will be virtually invisible. In fact, most consumers never check the second page of the search results, and therefore, it’s important that your business appears on the first page. An SEO expert knows the strategies to use to help your business rank high.

Count the real cost of time, money & stress

At first, using a DIY web design kit may seem to be a money and time saver. But, in real sense, this is not the case for your business. You may have to take some time off your business responsibility in order to build a website. In addition, most of the DIY websites have limited functionalities, so you may need to add certain features. Therefore, as the business grows, the costs start to add up. In the end, you will end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Hiring the best website builders will take the time factor out because the builder will handle all the work. As your business expands, you will not have to worry about the limited functionalities and ballooning cost. Although at first it may cost more than a DIY service, it will save you a lot in the long run.

Support you can trust

When building a website by yourself, chances are you’re going to encounter an issue at some point. In such a case, you will have to call someone who is not familiar with the website.

The best website builders offer personalised support in case a problem arises. Professionals are also familiar with the website; hence will be able to troubleshoot and fix the issues promptly.



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