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You need to go fresh and new when you update website contents! What was once the hottest thing in websites is now outdated. Just consider how far we have come in search engine optimisation in just a couple years. Things in web content and rankings change very fast. If you are not thinking about doing an update to your website you are being left behind, literally—in the rankings. There are things that once were good to do for web page design that are not helping you now, and in fact, could penalise you. Redesign web page content and rework the graphics and features and begin to love your site again.


What does your website look like compared to your competition? Not that following the herd is always the answer, but if you look like an old clunky site compared to the fresh new features, it might be time for renovation. There are some major factors as to why you should renovate your site:


Old Themes

Tastes change. Getting rid of old themes and once-trendy website design is a sure reason to update your site. It also may speed up your load times if you are using an old theme with old code.

Adding a Call to Action 

Does your site need to inspire potential customers to act? This is a key reason to rework your site into a marvel of marketing.


Bringing your site more in line with your brand and vision is a good reason to renovate your web page. If your page isn’t reflecting what your company is now or has grown into, it needs to change. Old logos or content that deals with facets of the company you no longer have, need to go.

 Target Audience

Update website pages if your target audience changes or evolves. You need to add a section or speak to your target audience. 


Adding a Blog 

Fresh, unique, and relevant content is the new search engine feast. Adding new content and updating that content regularly, is important to SEO and important for your rankings. This is a great reason why you need to renovate your site.

Adding Keywords

Adding keywords to your old content as well as your new blog content is another reason to update your page. 

  Back Links

Building a presence online by linking to other website pages will increase your rankings in search engines such as google.

Website Analysis

It’s important to optimise your website through accurate ongoing data. These reports help with directing the best use of money spent on your website.

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Poor Navigation 

Sites with poor navigation frustrate users and do not connect with them. They often close out of the site or click off it to look for an alternative, and you lose a possible lead.

 High Bounce Rate

 Related to poor navigation or speed issues, bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave without visiting a second page.


Placing links within your website helps with user experience and makes your website easier to navigate.


Optimising your website through design aspects helps create a better user experience. Having a frustrating layout will lead people click off your website and move onto your competitors. 


Mobile Friendliness 

More users today surf the internet on their phones, making your site usable in a mobile setting is an important reason to update website

 Plugins and Apps 

Adding relevant and newer applications and plugins to your site is another good reason to redesign web page

 Lacking Security Features 

Everyone is susceptible to hackers, but having old security measures on your site is almost like inviting them in.

 Slow Load Speed 

Slow load speeds could be due to a number of things. You could have large photos that are not optimised, old code from old tech on your site, or it might be that the site isn’t optimised for the method of browsing (mobile or a specific browser). 


An overhaul of a website really matters specifically on the field your business is in. A high-tech business may need to keep up with the bells and whistles of web page development where as a different industry may be fine waiting it out longer. The answer really is that it depends. When your competition starts to peel away your business when your site no longer serves your customers or your brand, when you really just do not like your site, and when it is not functioning correctly, are obvious times its ready for an overhaul. Those times can occur at different time frames for different businesses. It’s best to schedule a review of your website as if it were an employee. Evaluate the metrics above and their importance to your bottom line and decide when this “employee” needs to be replaced. Remember, it will take lead time, work, and effort to do so. Make the decision three months ahead of when you want to launch the content. In a field with fast-moving web content, you may need to review your site after a year and every quarter after that. In a context where your website isn’t your main mode of communication, a good site may serve you for 2-3 years, so you might check in with it annually for a couple of years then do semi-annual evaluations. During this time this doesn’t mean that you skip out on website maintenance and updates.


Consider this, reports show that customers engage with suppliers late in the purchase process and that their decision is about 57% complete by the time they engage with the supplier. This means that your website has become ever important vehicle in informing the customer what you want them to know about your company and product or service in an engaging and easy to navigate format. If your site is not up to speed either literally or figuratively, you may find that you are losing sales and customers, or that they cannot find you to begin with.  You should consider your website an important tool and update website functionality and content completely as often as your industry and consumers require. Would you like to know more? Please get in contact for your free website audit.